The magic of fusion

No magician worth his salt ever reveals the secrets of his trade. But it is these tricks that make one come back for more. We at Food Magik pull out one exotic dish after another, not from our hats but certainly our kitchen. Each dish is different from the other in its taste and ingredients. But one thing remains constant and that is- quality.

The dishes served by us are not at all conventional - they are the perfect mix of originality and proper culinary research. We are an eclectic mix of the old and the new and no continent is spared when it comes to serving an exquisite culinary fare.

A magical result evolves out of these efforts; providing patrons with an experience that is truly out of this world.


To be the most desired food brand among all ages by providing lip smacking fusion delicacies with Ensuring high quality with quick service


To be a fusion food brand which operate 50 outlets by 2020
To be the most profitable and successful chain of fusion food brand where invention of new fusion items will be frequent

Origin of the Magikal Twist

Step out of the ordinary, and step in the culinary

Indian food patrons are always seeking to experiment with various delicacies and helping them with this exploration is Food Magik. Given the diversity of India, ‘fusion food’ is something that should have been a part of every foodie’s vocabulary and yet is not.

Filling up this gap is Food Magik, the brainchild of the awesome foursome- Mr. Girish Menon , Mr. Mahesh Kambli, Mr. Moazzam Mirza and Mr. Prithviraj Shetty. Launched on 26th June, 2016, the idea was to make regular food more desirable, delectable and wildly experimental. After all, life is always better when things aren’t predictable.

Talent meets Art


Where the magik takes place

Brewing the magic at this place are Wizard Girish Menon who with his Wizardry of Food Making and knowlege of culinary brews a potion of experimental cuisine which is extremely hard to resist. Creating a fusion with different ingredients, he comes up with dishes which ensure a lingering taste for the patrons. His utensils are his magic wand (s) and his experience and enthusiasm; the spells that lead to a tantalizing culinary affair at Food Magik.